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7 Steps To Getting Back On Track After Failing

7 Steps To Getting Back On Track After Failing

Clients usually beat themselves up after failing. The first thing most clients do is compare themselves to the "old version" of themselves. "I used to do/be this and that." This is a BIG mistake and makes you repeat the bad habits you have today. How to get back on track after failing?

1- First, you need to forget the old version of yourself. I understand you used to be a certain way, and you are no longer that person. Instead of obsessing over the old version of ourselves, we need to take a step forward and create an image of who we are becoming instead of who we used to be. If we make an image of who we want to become, we can avoid falling into the nasty cycle of repeating old habits and getting the same result. 

2- Forgiving ourselves, we all need to learn what works for us and what doesn't. For us to understand what success is, we need to experience failure. What makes us conscious of what success is, we need to experience the polarity of failing. Failing teaches us what didn't work and what not to do again. Failing helps us niche down to a routine and formula that gives us the best chances to succeed. 

3- Make a simple, organized plan: Take your time without overwhelming yourself by trying to do too much. This causes a "freeze" response. This response is more of doing nothing because there's too much on your plate and a lack of repetition toward the new you. A lack of repetition hinders your confidence and blocks your ability to create a new habit. 

4- Act as if you already have the goal that you want. Bob Proctor speaks about the power of your imagination and how the subconscious mind works. The mind doesn't have a preference for what to believe. Instead, it will believe anything you consistently think of. So start to use your imagination as if you already have the things you are aiming for. 

5- Be patient and persistent. Nothing happens overnight. Enjoy the journey. There are going to be highs and lows. When the lows come, use your wisdom of understanding that this will pass, but take advantage to see what you can learn during the low moments. 

6- Stay inspired. Find someone who is doing what you want to do. Successful people leave a trail of footsteps. The quote states, "Lives of great people remind us we can make our lives sublime and, departing, leave behind footprints in the sand of time."

7- You must believe: I want to remind you that faith and fear are invisible; one is generated by negativity, while the other is positive. You have the free will to believe either, but understand the mind only has space for one. So why not allow faith and belief to be our foundation? The reason has a significant effect on the body. The body responds to whatever the mind believes. In science, we call this the Placebo effect. This effect can help or hurt you. It can hurt you if you are consciously driven by fear, and it will help if you are always positive, even when things are hard.

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