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Adhd: The Basics You Need To Know- Being Unorganized, Compulsive, Having Anxiety, and Procrastination

Adhd: The Basics You Need To Know- Being Unorganized, Compulsive, Having Anxiety, and Procrastination

Welcome back to the BeGreatWithNate Podcast. Today, we will Dive deep into the multifaceted world of ADHD in our latest podcast episode. Through personal narratives, we shed light on the real experiences of individuals navigating life with ADHD, offering a comprehensive understanding enriched with insights grounded in research.

In this episode, we explore:

  1. ADHD Symptoms and their Manifestations

  2. Insight: Uncover the pressing need for awareness and understanding surrounding ADHD symptoms and their real-world implications.

  3. ADHD and Anxiety

  4. ADHD and Depression

  5. Insight: Learn about the intricate relationship between ADHD and anxiety, a subject that garners significant attention in the current discourse, highlighting its relevance and impact on individuals with ADHD.

  6. Emotional Regulation in the Context of ADHD

  7. Risk of not treating ADHD

  8. Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of emotional regulation within the ADHD spectrum, a topic that resonates profoundly with many.

  9. Executive Function and its Role in ADHD

  10. Insight: Discover the critical role of executive function in ADHD, showcasing the eagerness of individuals to learn and comprehend more about it.

  11. And much more about ADHD

I want to thank Dr. Russel Barkely for his years of dedication and research on ADHD.

References From This Podcast about ADHD:

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The Neuroanatomy of ADHD and thus how to treat ADHD 

30 Essential Ideas you should know about ADHD, 1B Inhibition, Impulsivity, and Emotion- This is a part of a long playlist on the ADHD videos YouTube page. You can find a lot more on the 30 essential Ideas About ADHD there.

Result of Untreated ADHD

This is how you treat ADHD based off science, Dr Russell Barkley 

Some more information regarding neurotransmitters

Join us as we navigate the ADHD spectrum, offering a nuanced perspective that caters to individuals with ADHD, parents, teachers, or anyone keen to expand their understanding.

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