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From Pain to Purpose: Manifesting Your Dreams After Trauma

From Pain to Purpose: Manifesting Your Dreams After Trauma

How to manifest your dreams in life after trauma. In this Video, Nate Ortiz shares how he went from growing up in trauma to manifesting the life he dreamed of. Nate's dream was to meet and study under his Idol, Paul Chek, who is the man he is being interviewed by in this video. Nate opened up about some traumatic events that occurred in his life that he never shared before. Nate shares stories of each traumatic event he faced in his life and teaches you the steps he used to overcome trauma and manifest his dreams. Is it possible to accomplish or manifest your goals and dreams in life, absolutely! We hope this podcast inspires you to heal from your trauma and alchemize that energy into manifestation!

** This video is a clip from Paul Chek's Podcast " Living 4D With Paul Chek" ** The rights to this video belong to the Chek Institute. More resources for this episode are available on our website at

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BeGreatWithNate Newsletter
Be Great With Nate
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