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Heart Chakra-Energy Blockage With Love, Relationships, and Forgiving Yourself and Others

Heart Chakra-Energy Blockage With Love, Relationships, and Forgiving Yourself and Others

The heart charka is one that we can see show up in others today due to our culture's obsession with power, attention, and engagement. The basic right of the heart chakra is to Love and BE LOVED; sadly, this chakra is easily damaged or wounded. Love is the energy that runs our lives; we can not live without it, yet the world cries out for it. As we make our journey toward the higher self, our relationships painfully expose us to how little we love ourselves.

In this podcast, we will dive deep into the power of the heart chakra, what causes imbalances with the heart chakra, where, when, and WHY these imbalances start, and the 5 action steps you can take today to balance the heart chakra.

Have you experienced heartbreak, betrayal, or lost a loved one from ages 21-28 years old? We experience the consciousness of love during this time. In order for us to be conscious of love, we have to know what a broken heart feels like. Everything has an opposite. In science, they call it polarity, which is when an entity contains two distinct and opposite poles that can either attract or repel each other. Love can not exist without an opposite which shows up as a broken heart or betrayal.

The more out of balance, a person becomes with their heart chakra, the more it shows up in the body. I often see people struggle with upper-cross syndrome, which is tight chest muscles, rounded shoulders, and a forward head, placing pressure on their neck and chest. This posture and body language creates a subconscious of “closing people off” or not being confident.

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