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How Fungal Infections are the ROOT cause to most of your health issues

How Fungal Infections are the ROOT cause to most of your health issues

I can't tell you how many clients I worked with that suffered from a fungal infection. I believe it is one of the leading causes of ill health. Fungal infections show up in many ways. Here are some symptoms of a fungal infection:

  • Skin itching and eruptions (especially after eating sweets/carbs)

  • Pimples that don't clear

  • Cravings for carbs/ sweets

  • Fatigue

  • Mental Cloudiness

  • Alternating between hard and soft stool

  • and so much more

I'll say the most noticeable one for me to see as a coach with my clients is digestive issues. I will immediately ask my clients, "Do you have back pain, tight hips, and fatigue?"

They reply with enthusiasm, "YES!"

According to the research provided in the book "The Fungus Link," 50% of Americans suffered from fungus infection in 1961, whereas today, 90% of Americans struggle with a fungal infection.

Since this subject is not a quick fix, I dedicated an hour of a podcast for you to help you overcome your fungal infection ( if you have one).

I hope the podcast helps! Keep me updated:)


Doug Kaufmann - Has a book called "The fungus link" and a website

Paul Chek, has a program on the Chek Institute website called " Healing fungus and parasite infections." 

Paul Chek also has great youtube videos on fungal infections, here's video one and video two

Kenny Honnas, reversed his IBD. Check the video out here

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