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How the Root Chakra and Old Brain Can Hold You Back From Being Grounded and Accomplishing New Goals On Your Spiritual Journey

How the Root Chakra and Old Brain Can Hold You Back From Being Grounded and Accomplishing New Goals On Your Spiritual Journey

In this eye-opening episode of our podcast, 'Unlocking Your Potential: How the Root Chakra and Old Brain May Be Holding You Back', we journey deep into the core of our inner selves, to the Root Chakra and the Old Brain. This exploration aims to unravel how these deeply ingrained parts of our being can unintentionally hold us back, causing us to feel ungrounded and impeding our pursuit of new goals.

We'll delve into the functions of the Root Chakra and the Old Brain, shedding light on their roles in our daily life and how they influence our choices and emotional responses. Through this understanding, we'll explore ways to regain balance and harness their energy positively, thereby unlocking new avenues for personal growth and goal achievement. This episode is packed with insightful discussions, expert interviews, and practical techniques that will guide you on a transformative journey to success."

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Opening Your Root Chakra And Achieving Your Goals Is a Must if you have a blocked root chakra. When a person has a blocked root chakra, they can find themselves struggling to accomplish new goals due a blocked chakra. The more the root chakra is blocked, the more a person sticks to a ritual, doing the same thing you did yesterday and today. The root chakra is connected to the adrenal glands, which turn on the fight or flight system, leaving one too stressed. When this happens, the reptilian brain is turned on, which only cares about safety and security. This is the conscious state of survival. If you're trying to accomplish new goals At the level of consciousness, it can be very hard. This state of mind keeps one subconsciously focused on how to survive, which hyperstimulates you to focus on things you did/know and not try to create something new as the neocortex does. In this video, I teach you how to open the root chakra so you can accomplish new goals in life.

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