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Stuck In Fight, flight , or Freeze Mode?

Stuck In Fight, flight , or Freeze Mode?

Do you struggle with controlling your emotions, nervousness, eating, anxiety, weight, and mindset? Stuck in fight or flight mode can cause someone to stumble with all the above. Stress turns on the Sympathetic nervous system, aka fight or flight. Being in fight or flight mode consistently will cause deeper mental and physical health issues. 

Anytime the body is stuck in fight or flight, the body will turn off digestion, increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and have much more severe problems. Why are some people stuck in fight or flight? In the book " The Body Keeps The Score," the author states that people who suffer from trauma and have something that reminds them of the trauma through one of the human senses will trigger the body to respond as if it's experiencing that trauma again as if its the first time. 

Another reason people are stuck in fight or flight is due to subconscious stress. This is triggered by too much caffeine, toxins, blood sugar, a hostile environment, etc. In this podcast, I teach you what it's like being stuck in a fight or flight, along with the subconscious effects stress will have on your mental and physical health. 


The Body Keeps the Score Pages 43-47

How to Eat, Move, and Be healthy

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