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Third Eye Chakra-Energy Blockage With Your Intuition , Wisdom, and Trusting Yourself

Third Eye Chakra-Energy Blockage With Your Intuition , Wisdom, and Trusting Yourself

Are you making decisions based on logical theories, or are you trusting your intuition? A functional third eye chakra allows you to listen and trust your inner world and voice to guide you to make difficult decisions in life. In today’s world, we can find ourselves trusting our logical minds, enhancing the need for control, and becoming perfectionists. leaving us to take a scientific view of everything. This leads us to play things safe in life, creating the fear of failing and being too hard on ourselves. When you balance this chakra, you develop wisdom and intuition, giving you the power to achieve goals and dreams you never imagined possible.

In this Podcast, we will break down the third eye, how it rules your destiny in life, and how to overcome dysfunctional imbalances of being a perfectionist, being too hard on yourself, and start TRUSTING yourself to accomplish the goals and dreams you have in life.

When the third eye chakra is too open: Highly logical, dogmatic, and arrogant

When the third eye chakra is blocked: undisciplined, fears success, sets low goals ( doesn't dream BIG), and plays things safe.

A Functional third eye chakra: Charismatic, highly intuitive, not attached to materialist things, may experience situations where you're able to KNOW things without references or proof.

Third eye Chakra Emotional Dysfunctions

Nightmares- are you having the same theme with your nightmares?

Learning difficulties, HPA= Fight or flight= scattered mind


Third eye Chakra Physical Dysfunctions:


Poor vision

Neurological disturbances

Associated body parts


Base of skull



Associated sense:

Sixth sense

Goals for the third eye chakra:

Ability to see other than with the eyes

Main issues with the third eye chakra:




Functional= Psychic

Dysfunctional- Rationalist

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