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Throat Chakra-Energy Blockage With Your Thyroid, Communication, and Self-Expression

Throat Chakra-Energy Blockage With Your Thyroid, Communication, and Self-Expression

The throat chakra is important when it comes to creativity and self-expression. I usually find people with imbalances in chakra two have issues with chakra five ( the throat chakra). There are many reasons why people have a dysfunctional throat chakra, and in this blog, I will break down the five main reasons why. 

If you read the book Chakra Healing, you will learn we experience a different level of consciousness every seven years. From ages 28-35, we go through the consciousness of communication, which correlates to the throat chakra. Issues with the throat chakra can show up from childhood. 

The throat chakra Physical malfunctions:

  • Neck muscles 

  • Teeth

  • Mouth

  • Jaw

  •  Ears

  • Throat 

  • Voice

Traumas that can cause a dysfunctional throat chakra:

  • Lies

  • Mixed messages 

  • Excessive criticism

  • Secrets

  • Strict parents 

  • Numbed family, drugs/traumas/alcohol 

I have a couple of questions for you. Did you get shut down anytime you tried expressing your feelings when you were younger? Did you have a fear of public speaking? Do you choke up anytime to express your feelings or do public speaking? This could be the root cause of your throat chakra dysfunction.

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