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Turning a Nightmare Week Into New Beginnings

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Turning a Nightmare Week Into New Beginnings

From Personal Struggles to Professional Challenges: How Embracing the Tough Moments Can Lead to Unforeseen Opportunities

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The Nightmare

What a week it has been! This has been the toughest week in my eight years of coaching. I've been wrestling with the idea of leaving coaching and content creation behind for the past six months. This week marked the first time I actually sat down to look for jobs on Crazy, right? 

I won't dive too deep into it, but I've been metaphorically used as a punching bag for months. The root issue? 

I've been too nice, a trait many of us share, allowing the situation to escalate to where it ended up this week.

Additionally, I believe my mother is in the final stages of her life. Her mental health has deteriorated more than ever before. Her phone calls have changed; she is confessing to all her wrongdoings, something she has never done before. She's scared, lonely, and worried that her drug abuse is destroying her brain.

She can't remember things and "sees" things. Yet, immediately after, she reverts to her schizophrenic self, paranoid that people are out to get her. For the first time, she's becoming aware of the consequences of her drug use. 

This all happened in one week, from Monday to today. Amidst these challenges, I've managed to find a silver lining. When life throws curveballs, it's crucial to ground ourselves. I'll teach you ways to do that because if we don't, we risk falling into a cycle of what seems like bad luck.

Yesterday, I hit New York City, and man, finding parking was like striking gold. "Oh my god, yes!" I thought, landing a spot right in front of the building I was headed to. If you've ever tried parking in New York, you know it's a nightmare. You're usually dropping $40 easily, but here I was thinking, "Today's my lucky day." So, I parked, took care of business, and came back to find a parking ticket slapped on my windshield. Total confusion hit me because I paid for that spot on the street.

It turns out I missed the fine print on the sign. Though I glanced at it, I didn't really absorb the "7 am to 7 pm, commercial cars only" part. There it was, a $115 fine staring back at me.

In that initial moment, frustration bubbled up. "I've gotta find this cop," I thought. But then, it hit me: "Why did this happen?" I wasn't fully present, my mind not as sharp as it needed to be. The week's events had taken their toll, clouding my thoughts even while driving.

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